Keystone District Grand Lodge No. 1 Inc.



The spirit of God will lead us into all truth; we do our best to be approved workmen unashamed. (2Timothy 2:15)

Let us give the Mechanics’ Order attention with attention, and intention will necessitate attention; to make it better.


I am the Grandson of the late Brother Alfred Adolphus John (1900-1970) and the son of Bro. Prince Josiah Sampson (1923-2000) of Corinthian Lodge, No. 5 I.U.O.M., F.S., S.H., inc. Republic of Guyana, South America. ‘ Let them find rest from thy labors; for their works accompany them’ (Revelation 14:13)
      During the third year of King George, I of England, Leadership, an important jurisdictional disagreement came in the Masonic Convention February 1717; hen the constitution was adapted for speculative Masonry; the advent of the Grand Lodge of England had brought a great phenomenon in the annals of the Masonic Order. Bro. Anthony Sayre a member of Drury Lane Lodge, No.3, he was the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England, his election was held on June 24, 1717 Saint John’s the Baptist Day the Patron Saint of Masonry, an operative Mason; the Grand Lodge of England was composed of both Operatives and Speculative Masons, fraternally known as the Moderns. Dr. Anderson was the first Grand Secretary; he had an important factor organizing the Grand Lodge in 1717. A Chaplin to Saint Paul’s Operative Lodge, No.2 in London, he was commissioned by the Grand Lodge of England, under John, the Duke of Montague to write the Rituals it was approved the following year (1722) for printing. January 17, 1723, Grand Warden, Anderson, produced the New Constitutions the Grand Lodge approved it. Dr. Anderson made an unauthorized edition in 1738, it was offensive to the Grand Lodge, he had altered the Operative Rituals radically without a reason; he found the Operative Rituals was indigestible, it had led to confusion.
     Bro. James Anderson, D. D. a Presbyterian Minister, he was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, he had passed away, June 1, A.D. 1739 with full Masonic Rites in London, England, Bro. Anderson had focused on the Speculative Rituals. In 1751, nine (9) Lodges succeed from the English Masonic; the fourth Grand Lodge (Premier Grand Lodge) was constituted, on July 17, 1751 at Turk’s head Tavern, Greek Street, Soho, London, England.
     In the year 1757 the Mechanism (Irregular Masons) separated from the Masons, into two groups. I.U. O. of Mechanics and the Order of Free Masons, referred to as the ancients; were also spoken of as ‘ Athol Masons’ they having elected the third Duke of Athol as their first Grand Master in 1722, his Son succeeded him.
     The Independent United Order of Mechanics was organized in Lancashire, England, in 1757, and received its Authority by the Act of Parliament. They were eager to maintain their independence, and rejected all overtures tendered by the       ‘Moderns’ for reunion in 1757.
      The three Sons of King George, III were initiated in 1787; the Prince of Wales was Member at the Star and Garter Tavern, in Pall Mall; he became Grand Master of the Premier Grand Lodge, of England in 1790. The acceptance of the Regency, he had vacated the office to his brother, the Duke of Sussex, was elected to succeed him. He recommended his successor the Duke of Kent, the father of Queen Victoria; he was initiated under the Ancient constitution in he union Lodge of Geneva.
        In April 1809, the Grand Lodge agreed with the Committee of Charity, to condensed many Lodges to respect the ancient landmarks of the Fraternal Society. It was accepted for the Unification of Lodges.
         The Duke of Kent was enthroned Grand Master of Kent in 1813. The two Royal Dukes, took into counseling three distinguished Brothers belonging to each Society, arranged the Articles of union between the two grand Lodges of England; these document were ratified, confirmed, and sealed in all Lodges on December 1st 1813.
      However, in 1813 the Dukes of Kent and Sussex have attained some measures of agreement, therefore, in 1862 there were 12 District Grand Lodges with 8,000 members. The first emblem was engraved on steel by Mr. A.J. Waudley in 1870, the cost was twelve Guineas. The year 1876 and expansion to 14 Districts and 164 Lodges in England. I.O.U.M., F.S came to the Western Hemisphere in the year 1884, when a Dispensation was granted to Bro. James E. Fields, to organize a Lodge in Barbados, West Indies. He became the First District Grand Master of the Caribbean. An historical event occurred in 1896 when, the Friendly Societies Act, its Registration Number was 849.
        The acceptance of Women into the Mechanics’ Order has caused a great deal of discussion, among Mechanics throughout the World. The Grand Council of England heartily welcomed respectable, spiritual-mined Women into Mechanism. They did everything in their power to safeguard them. They helped build the Persian Empire and civilization, will be a great asset in building Mechanism. The Great Council in England approved the admission of Women into this Noble Order also, approved certain Degrees suitable Degrees suitable for them.
No.103 in British Guiana, South America, and Thistle Lodge in Jamaica, W.I
Five Scottish Mechanic Lodges were established, on the Isthmus of Panama during the construction period, Royal Fidelity Lodge, No.12,
Royal King Edward Lodge, No.13 in 1980 on the Empire, Canal Zone,
Royal King George Lodge, No.17 in 1917, Royal Saint Andrew Lodge,
No.18 in Canal Zone, La Boca, and Royal Prince of Wales Lodge,
No.19, these Lodges were names of Scottish Saints.
The Right Honorable Ian D. Sampson, P, G, M.,
1st District Grand Master of the Keystone District Grand Lodge, No.4,
Inc. Director of Education for the Executive Council.
2nd Grand Deputy Master of Grand Council.
 Brother Ian. D. Sampson was initiated into Morning Star Lodge, No.2 under the Jurisdiction of Composite District Grand Lodge, No.2, Saturday, April 5, 1980, 65, Putman Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11238. He had resigned from the Independent United Order of Mechanics’ Friendly Society, Western Hemisphere, and Incorporation. Saturday, April 14, 2001.
   The Founder of the Independent United Order of Mechanics’ Friendly Society, Southern Hemisphere, Inc. in the United States of North America. Senior Past Illustrative Grand (S.P.I.G.) of Mount Ararat Lodge, No.16, Senior Past Eminent Grand Commander (S.P.E.G.C.) Saint Mark’s Grand Christian Encampment, Most Sacred High Priest of the Keystone District High Priest Conclave. Venerable Scribe of the Keystone District Past Grand masters Conclave.
1st District Grand Master of Keystone District Grand Lodge, No.4, Inc.
2nd Grand Deputy Master of Grand Council.
Keystone Grand Lodge, No.4, Incorporated; was inaugurated on Saturday, October 11, 2003, duly chartered by and installed according to the Constitution and General Laws, rules and regulations of Grand Council of the Independent United Order of Mechanics’ Friendly Society, Southern Hemisphere, Incorporated in Georgetown, Republic of Guyana, South America.

Upholding standards in Keystone District Grand Lodge No1 Inc. became a problem and so the cleansing of Keystone District took place in 2008. God said in his Holy words that, “Where two or three are gathered in my name there I am in the midst to bless”
He also said your labor shall not be in vain. Hence in trusting and believing on these words we saw God sending a vessel of transformation in the operating standard of our organization.
On June 5, 2008, a new member came to us with great fervor and commitment and knolled for Mechanism. On September 18, 2008, The Hon. Julio T. Nimbley became Grandmaster of this said Lodge. The fire for growth was burning in his soul and so he took on the awesome task of governance. He believes in the principle, of love for God first and foremost, followed by that same agape form of love for the brotherhood of man.
During the time of his service to Keystone Grand Lodge he has done as he promised in leading this establishment in the direction which has today caused a great turnaround in its performance. We believe that congratulations are in order and we would like to tell Honorable Julio Nimbley how much we appreciate him and the work he has done.
May the Temple he has resurrected here on earth afford him his heavenly crown, and may God grant him the insight that is needed and the strength to persevere. May God continue to richly bless and keep him as our leader.

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